Texas Woman’s University and the Final Exam Portfolio

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Note: I'm still slowly adding content. If a page is empty of content or has placeholder text, that just means it hasn't been posted yet. If you need info that hasn't been posted yet, feel free to contact me at kburright at twu dot edu and I'll do my best to belp. Check the Updates page (Updated: 10/17/2019) for information additions, corrections, or alterations.

The Final Exam Portfolio (FEP) is one of the major requirements to graduate from TWU’s SLIS program. I would be lying if I said the whole thing wasn't supremely frustrating and didn't feel like half-assed busywork created to tick a box somewhere on the accreditation list. However, there’s really no getting around it. The FEP is critical to passing the SLIS program and I hope this guide will fill in some of the information gaps that you will have. I did pass the FEP my first time, but it was pretty horrible and I wish I had someone to really help me through the process.

This isn't a comprehensive list of everything about the FEP. This is about information that wasn't included in any of the FEP documents, was vague, was buried, and was inexplicably hard to find or otherwise absent.

Disclaimer: TWU moved SLIS content to Canvas Spring 2019. I took the FEP while it was under Blackboard, so the information here is Blackboard-specific. With any luck, the Canvas platform will allow for smoother communication and more information resources. However, that does not mean the information will be any clearer or easier to find.