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This is the part of the FEP where you describe 1) the purpose of your Work Products, 2) how they demonstrate what you learned during the TWU SLIS program, and 3) how they demonstrate your mastery of professional competencies.

Lack of consistency on my part. However, TWU uses both terms interchangeably, which you may see reflected in some of the documentation.

It will really depend on how long it will take you to include all the elements. My narrative was total 9 pages doublespaced, each Work Product ranging from two pages to three and a half pages.

You should include all the required elements while making it as concise as possible. Don't cut content you think might be useful just to shorten the length. Similarly, don't stretch it out just to fill space. If you can easily fit everything into a page and a half, then that should be fine.

It will depend on what Work Product you pick and why you think it belongs in the FEP. I know that's vague, but this part of the FEP has to be tailored to your experience and knowledge.

I used a collection development project for one of my work products. My narrative about it described what class and instructor the project was for and information about the instructions for the project i.e. what I had to do to get a good grade. I then described the parameters of my collection development project (subject matter, formats, etc.) and why I made my choices. I concluded by identifying which professional competencies I had acquired with this project. I made a point to specifically name and/or directly quote each competency.

You can read the example FEP to get a more in-depth look at what it might look like and read more about professional competencies later in this guide.

No! The examples you will use (screenshots, text, photos, etc.) must be separate from your essay. Make sure you save your essay as a separate document from your Work Products and your Professional Development Plan.