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Updated the list of journals and some other things in the Tools page.

I got more emails about the FEP for Fall 2019. I added them on a single page. Much of it is repeating the same information, but it does include some clarifications on the application process. Emails 1-4 regarding the Final Exam Portfolio.


Fixed some formatting, added today's newest email to Updates. Tweaking some content, adding contact info to home page. Biggest change: Added a Tools page that contains all the lists of library organizations, continuing ed sources, comeptencies, etc. that may be of help to others. These lists were already included in this site, I just made them easier to find.

For some reason, I keep getting emails from TWU SLIS about the Final Exam Portfolio, even though I graduated last year. These emails came from the Canvas platform. I am providing this information because it contains timeline information for the FEP in Spring semester and is generated by Canvas.

Follow the links for the full text of the emails.

Email sent September 12, 2019 at 4:23pm CT
This email gives an overview of the FEP graduation requirement, all the related dates for the fall semester, and even gives a solid overview of each part of the FEP. I highly recommend reading this if you haven't already seen it. The brief description of each part of the FEP is pretty great in that it presents a cohesive overview of each part. This email would have helped me greatly at the time if it had existed. The email references more detailed information about the FEP in Canvas, but I currently can't access that information to verify it.
NOTE: This email states that students will not be automatically enrolled and suggests that even those who have applied to graduate in the current semester will not be automatically enrolled. This contradicts previous updates and requirements for applying to the FEP. Whether this is the new procedure or not isn't described.

Email sent February 27, 2019 at 5:34pm CT.
This email briefly describes the submission locations. As the transition from Blackboard to Canvas is not complete, information about the FEP, submission site, and grading site are in different locations.

Email sent February 6, 2019 at 1:35pm CT.
Same email as the February 5 email, but with a reminder that today is the deadline to apply for the FEP.

Email sent February 5, 2019 at 1:20pm CT.
Discussed the FEP and graduation timeline, basic info, and a reminder that the deadline to apply for the FEP is February 6. It also notes that the deadline to apply for graduation is January 30, 2019. As the email was sent after that date, students who had not already applied to graduate will have to wait until the following semester.

If you have new information about the FEP, please send me a message at kburright at twu dot edu. Please be as detailed as possible and provide screenshots, forwarded email announcement, print-to-pdf copy of the information, or something else that shows the information provided is accurate. Also, indicate whether you wish to be credited or remain an anonymous submitter.