Screenshots of Announcements About the FEP

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These are screenshots of FEP-related announcements from Blackboard. They are here only for informational purposes, as they only pertain to the Fall 2018 semester and TWU is now using Canvas.

Blackboard is not very user-friendly with its announcements. Many of these were buried behind years of old announcements and only a couple ever triggered notifications on Blackboard or to university email. They were easy to overlook, especially given the short time between the announcement posting and a deadline.

1) An announcement in SLIS Academic Advising about the FEP. The date it was posted (September 19, 2018), was the date the FEP application was due. Included timeline and information tree.

2) Same information as above, posted SLIS Student Resources. It was posted on September 10, 2018, which is before the FEP application deadline. However, this announcement did not trigger any notification for many users. Also included the Blackboard information tree.

3) The announcement that the FEP submission site is now open for FEP students, posted on October 2, 2018. Also reposted in SLIS Student Resources and SLIS Academic Advising.

4) The only announcement about the FEP posted in GLISA (Graduate Library and Information Studies Association), the student organization for TWU's SLIS program. However, this was posted February 15, 2016, so it would not have triggered any notifications for any student after Spring 2016. It was also regarding a Q&A session event, the recording of which was not available.