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A Work Product is a assignments from your courses that you feel are representative of your skills and competencies at the end of the year. You submit one Work Product each from three courses of your choosing.

Unless it is a spectacular example of your skills that is completely different from another Work Product, you should choose three different courses.

You can, but it is not recommended. However, if you choose an assignment that was built on an assignment in a previous course, then itís okay to consider that a single Work Product.

For example: My Work Product One was a Collection Development Project from my Collection Development course. The project itself included a multi-page spreadsheet and a website as a marketing visual. I later used the same project as the basis for my Web Development class, where I made a full website for a library based on what I did in the Collection Development class. I submitted work from both of those courses as a single Work Product.

Yes, but you are limited to only one group project. Remember, the FEP is supposed to demonstrate your skills and competencies.

I would recommend avoiding group projects unless you have no alternative to use as a Work Product or you feel your other options aren't as strong. Though if it's the case where you did most of the work by yourself because your classmates skipped out, that would be a strong contender. You can even use it in your narrative to discuss leadership or project management skills/competencies you gained as a result of that.

Yes. They should all be related to libraries somehow. If you took an optional physics course during that time, you shouldn't use a Work Product from that class unless your physics project was somehow related to libraries.

Absolutely. However, the Work Product should be completed or near completion.

For example: I took the Practicum my last semester, which was the same semester I took the FEP. Work Product Three was a live event that was part of my Practicum. The event had not happened yet when the FEP opened, but it happened before the FEP closed. Even if it hadn't happened yet, I had enough work completed from the research and work I did curating the display that I could have used it. I even had photos of the display, which was taken a week prior to the event as we were setting everything up as a trial run to prepare the event space.

Sort of both. You want to demonstrate that you have the basic librarian competencies, which are more generalized. However, because part of the FEP is a Professional Development Plan, you will want to demonstrate that your Work Products also helped you acquire competencies in those specializations. I would recommend that if you have a specialization, two of your three Work Products be focused in those areas while the third Work Product is more general library skills.

Then you can do one of two things: 1) Go for the variety option for all of your Work Products or 2) Figure out how to map those Work Products to specializations.

For example: My specialization is Special Collections and Archives. TWU's SLIS program doesn't have courses in Special Collections and especially Archives (which is disappointing). I compensated for this by going with my Collection Development course as Work Product One. I was lucky that my Practicum took place in Special Collections department run by a bunch of Archivists. I used one of my Practicum projects as Work Product Three, which had an Archives focus.

Put your strongest Work Products as numbers one and three. Your weakest Work Product should be number two. That way, you start strong and end strong.

My Work Product Two was pretty weak, but One and Three were good. I compensated for the weakness by shoving it in the middle where its weakness might not be noticed as much and then hammering in a lot of competencies.

It can be a combination of different factors. A strong Work Product can be one that really emphasizes your specialization or career goals. It can be one that has a lot of components. It can also be one that is unlike the other Work Products. If two of your Work Products are mostly text-based, a Work Product that's a live event would be especially strong.

My Work Product Two was basically just an ethics blog. Kinda meh. I picked it because my only other option was a group project that was also a spreadsheet. I already had a spreadsheet in Work Product One. Of course, I already had two websites with Work Product One, but I added the websites after I had chosen the blog for Work Product Two. If the timing was right, I would have used the Memory Lab Project from my Practicum. Unfortunately, the presentation portion wasn't for another month and I didn't think just the documentation and a description was strong enough.