Example Final Exam Portfolio

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My FEP was originally a single Word document. Due to the submission site's instructions being different from my advisor's instructions, I had to do a lot of last minute reformatting and editing. The example I'm providing is the FEP that I submitted. There are five separate documents.

For a brief overview of what my FEP looks like, I made an outline.

I was lucky enough to find the FEP of another TWU student that was posted online. It does not include the Work Product examples, but has the Work Products essay and Professional Development Plan.

I used it as my primary guide. I didn't know if the student had passed the FEP using the example, but they had their MLIS so I assumed it was a good bet.

You can find their FEP at this link.

You may notice my FEP has names, links, and some photos edited out. That was simply a half-assed measure of security. I know it won't be that difficult to figure out my name, location, and workplace from what wasn't edited. I'd just rather make it so people have to take an extra ten seconds to google it if they're that determined to know about my thrilling adventures of being an underemployed librarian.