What Comes After Submitting the FEP

a.k.a. Unexpected Surprises and a Long Wait

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Don't worry. As discussed in Submitting the FEP, this should not be a problem.

Once the site closes, the FEP committee will grade your submission following the guidelines of the grading rubric.

Roughly three weeks after submission. It will take about two weeks for grading to be completed, plus another week for students to be notified.

Most likely no. I got lucky that one of the completed grading rubrics was accidentally posted to my grades the day after I submitted my FEP.

Nothing, unfortunately. You will have to re-apply for graduation, including paying the fee.

You will have one more chance to take it over. You will have to be enrolled in at least once class during the semester you take the FEP. Since the FEP is not given during summer, it will have to be the following spring or fall semester.

Being enrolled is a requirement. You will have to take another class. It sucks, but they will not waive that requirement. This is why it's best to take the FEP as soon as possible.